Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'Qutie Cute' Collection from MAC

Just wanted to applaud the artistic point of view of the MAC chief stylists and their courage to come out with something new -and daring every season.

Just in, thier new Qutie Cute collection is for all those people who are defnitely looking to be axactly just that- qutie cute and everything bubble gum pop.

The colors may seem too "sweetums" for me but when mixed with other colors, it could really make a difference. Muted and bold are mixed into this collection and if you know how to pick your colors right, they could really work for you (or make yourself look a little funny) Funny Face much?

The designs remind me of my teeny bopper days and its hard for me to be able to segue into my 20's with such a look, although I am loving the peach lip look since I'm currently sporting peach nails anyway.

One thing of note however, would be this lilac lipstick that many say, is definitely Coachella ready. It takes certain skin color and personality to carry it well.

Would you be able to carry such a color on your lips?
I hope I don't look like i'm lacking oxygen when I wear it.



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