Saturday, June 25, 2011

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Erika and Marga


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wedding Bells Are Always Welcome, Monique Lhuillier's Spring 2012 Collection

No, its not for me. the inspirations are for a good friend who just got engaged in Baguio recently.
So very happy for her.

I hope you like these inspirations as much as I do.













I like One, Five, Seven and Twelve the best. While Marga loves One, Eight, Nine, and Ten.

Where would you cast your vote?



Monday, May 30, 2011

My Favorite Place for Cheap (but expensive looking) Swimwear

I was off on an Asian trip with the family recently and while summer is nearly over, I had enough time to catch up with the season and get a great stash of swimwear.

I decided not to go for the ever so popular triangle bikini and decided to go for different styles and cuts.

Here are the swimwear I can't wait to wear... If only it won't be raining that is.

Here are the other colors:

Each suit (a complete set would only cost up to about Php 1,300 max!
Plus, you have the advantage of not seeing it on a lot of people as its not available locally.
H&M always has a good selection of suits every year.

Friday, May 27, 2011

On Coming Home and Home Inspirations

Coming back from a long trip never fails to make me feel a tad bit homesick. I miss my bed since I always put emphasis on sleeping paraphernalia, pillows and bed covers.

I miss having my whole array of things around me- just within an arms reach.

And I love being in the midst of my stuff, my organized chaos, and knowing exactly where things are.

I like the thought of knowing that I can look back and see my well lit, glass cabinet made especially for my shoes and seeing that every inch of what I see around me has come from 12 hours a day of hard work.

With something new and big just around the corner, I decided that my little special place in the world deserves a little sprucing up and so... here are the things on my Home Shopping List:

1) Artsy Fartsy Prints from Heima

2) Round Stool from Dimensione

3) Paul Smith-esque Throw Pillows

4) Armchair with Character from Our Home

5) Ottoman from Our Home

Other Items on the list include:
6) Floor Lamp (Restoration)
7) Clothes Stand
8) Shoe Rack
9) Vases (Haze)
10) Jewlery Organizers (Make Room)

What would your A
look like?



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beijing Shoe Loot

Here's what I have robbed myself off during last week's trip... thank you to the people who have invented plastic. More power!

If there is one thing I always can't go elsewhere without buying... it has to be shoes.
So here is a rundown of the culrpits.

1) YSL Palais Suede Platform in Electric Blue Suede

2) Miu Miu Black Satin Platforms

Don't you just love shoes and that special feeling you get when you wear them?


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One for the Men, Zara Man 2011 LookBook

Been trying to move the boyfriend toward the right direction, in a fashion sense anyway. And I tell you, it's not so easy to convince a man to (literally) change his old and faded ways.

In order to nudge him a little further and in a more affordable option, (so its okay to make mistakes) Zara seemed like the perfect choice to inspire him with its wide array of styles, its availability (it still has a little snob factor here in Manila) and of course, the great price.

Its a great starting point for any budding fashionsita!

Zara Lookbook Men Spring 2011

I prefer the first, second and third look. The forth one is just too much for the guys guy in my opinion.
The first look is chic and very much European while the second and third look could go well in our weather- I am not too sure if Manila is quite ready for the suit and sandals look.

Absolutely lurve these looks! The outfits shout "Yes, I think of what I'm wearing because I do care!"
There is nothing hotter than a man who cares... and the confidence to carry it off.


Thank you, Zara for showing the cool, mature and confident man how it's done.

What kind of look do you wanna see guys wearing?



Friday, May 20, 2011

The Man on the Street

He might as well be the man that started it all. 80-year-old New York Times photographer has been on the streets of New York since the '70s, taking photos of people and what we now call street style. Read up on his life and vision as written in the New Yorker. I hope to be inspired and appreciate fashion more through his eyes and works. A documentary entitled, Bill Cunningham New York was released this year. 

Throughout the years he has classified two groups of New Yorkers—the fashionable people, whose style changes more rapidly than that of the masses, and the truly creative ones, whose style, while outrĂ©, in its theatricality never really changes at all—“On the Street”

Where do you stand?



Thanks to Habitually Chic and the Sartorialist for the photos

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Daily Inspiration: Long and Sheer

I have been eyeing on this type of skirts since I first saw them last year. It seems to be Abbie Lee's favorite street style or off the runway look. Chanel is definitely on board when we saw it in one of their Fall collections and catalogue. Topshop and Forever21 has these skirts on very reasonable prices but of course still stylish and chic. 

I know summer is not over yet but the unbearable heat for the past weeks makes you miss the cold and windy days. May it be chilly or not, I believe the main concern on puling off this look is to not get arrested,  appear tasteful and well put together or at least not offend people with more conservative likings.

Love it or hate it?



Monday, May 16, 2011

Daily Inspiration: Fishtail braid

Side-swept braided hair must be one of the effortless hairstyles to do and wear. Runways and celebrities seem to sport a certain kind though - the fishtail. Your hair has def' gotta be long and thick for this look.

Love it or hate it?



Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kylie Minogue: The Show Girl

First fell in love with Kylie whe she first came out with her single, "Can't get you out of my head" Nanananana na nanaaaaah....

I'd find myself humming to the beat in the middle of class just to keep myself awake.

She's hot, cute and in spite of the many ups and downs both in her life and in her career, she's timeless.

I can't seem to contain my excitement when I fund out she's coming to town for her Aphrodite Tour on July 5 at 8pm in Araneta.I simply can't wait. I hear she hardly disappoints her audience.

Tickets are hefty:
Patron A: Php 15,840
Patron B: Php 12,672
Lower Box VIP: Php 8,448
Lower Box: Php 6,336
Upper A: Php 3,696
Upper B: 2,640
General Admission: Php 845

In homage to Kylie's career, here are her outfits throught the years:


What is your favorite song and outfit?
Doesn't she make it so hard to pick?



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mood Changing Polish

Just when I thought they could not think of anything new aside from crackle polish, tie-dye polish, glow-in-the-dark polish, now they have mood changing polish which reminds me so much of my younger days when mood rings were the "IT" thing in school.

I'm not sure how accurately laquer or paint can in a way, sense, my mood considering it has to go through and feel my nails first. Nevertheless, its a fun thought and its worth a try.

In the Mood is a brand of nail polish sold in the States that has this feature.

They say that it works as it tries to sense the change in your body termperature.

If you feel cold, the Hype color will change from a highly pigmented pink to a lighter shade.

I'm not sure how the logic goes- whether the color will turn bright pink if you're feeling hot or vice versa.
It's worth a try since it's fun to check if it would also change colors based on your actual emotions and not just based purely on your body termperature.
If you are indoors with airconditioner, then you will obviously feel cooler. But if you're angry, wonder if the color will change to bright red?

In the Mood nail polish will be out in the United States in June.
Other brands that carry this mood changing polish effect is Claire's!

What color combination would you choose?
I'd prefer to have midnight purple when I'm feeling sick, bubble gum pink when I'm excited and canary yellow when I'm feeling content.
How about you?



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jeremy Scott for Swatch

Jeremy Scott is an American designer known for his avant guarde designs.
He Brings to life pop culture into fashion with his ever so groovy and creative designs.

With his collaboration with Swatch, now all of us can have a touch of his iconoclast worthy works of art.
Its great- we can now be popstars in our own right.

Here are some of his designs that are both tempting... and reasonable as it has a dual purpose- it tells time and its designer piece. Could be collectible someday too!

This is my favorite as its the most wearable due to its color. Then again, Jeremy Scott's pieces are meant to be attention grabbing!

If I were anymore of a brat, which I am suspecting I may be, I'd get this piece tooo, I'd always havea  thing for wings and thunderbolts anyway.

The designs are classic Jeremy Scott since he is also well known for his winged Addidas sneaks in a collaboration he had with them. For anyone in the know with the fashion scene, it would definitely be his trademark design.

Glad to note that this special edition Jeremy Scott designs for Swatch are now in town.

What's your take on it?
Which one would you go for?