Thursday, April 7, 2011

Closet Essentials

Ladies, trust me on this one. You definitely have to have these. And yes, you should invest on these key pieces too. Not only do you need them to complete an outfit but they will also be your go-to clothes on days that inspiration does not strike so hard. Just like a LBD, every piece on the list is also timeless.

1. White shirt or tank

Mine are mostly from Topshop since I prefer the not-so-stretchy material and the length of course!

2. White crisp button down shirt

Especially for the working girl, this kind of shirt is a must-have. The clean and polished look will never fail anyone on any day.

3. Black pencil skirt

My black H&M skirt is my feel good attire for the office. It just works well with anything and will always be sexy and chic.

4. Black tailored pants

Whether its wide-legged or a slim cut what is important is it's tailored. You want the right cut, fit, and length for you.

5. Black shirt dress
This will also fall as an LBD but one that can be worn casual or dressed up. We want versatile items in our closet.

6. Dark denim
In a country where fashion is pretty much jeans and shirt, it is impossible to not own one. Again, it is very crucial that you find the perfect fit. Various cuts and shades are everywhere but make sure to keep those dark denims on hand.

7. Black cardigan

There will be days that you need to go out and have something more that just your shirt or dress. Cardigans are perfect for our weather. A light jacket that will keep you warm and complement every outfit.

What else are the essentials in your closet?



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