Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daily Inspiration: Olive green tights

This photo from The Sartorialist has so many key pieces it's just a breath of fresh air. The olive tights says it all though. It was a break from the blacks and beige but blends just right. Most people are not fans of tights but I'm not one of them. It's sad though that I cannot muster enough courage and not mind others' critiques on this legs issue.

I still live for the day I finally make a stand and go for colored and maybe patterned tights too.



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy birthday Paul & Joe!

Paul & Joe Philippines turns 4!

I never used make-up 'til I met Paul & Joe. Yes, you read it right, I never learned how to wear foundation, keep a compact powder or apply blush until four years ago. Well, with very sensitive skin, I kept a very simple beauty regimen - cleanse and moisturize. For almost ten years now, sentiments of fear, worry, and caution take over trying new beauty products. Luckily, I found this French-Japanese or it found me. Trust me,  it can be love at first sight.

Monday, March 28, 2011

That factor called Baler

Summer has officially begun even with the crazy weather getting in the way. My beach adventures started a couple weeks back and they will keep on coming in the next weeksI’m already having a difficult time trying to focus on office work as those upcoming rock star weekends keep lurking in the back of my mind.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lanvin vs. Kate Spade- Both No Go's, Sorry!

There is a reason why these bags are the looks for less.
But first, can you guess which is Lanvin and which is Kate Spade?

Lanvin - Lanvin Cabas Satin Logo Tote at USD 795(Left) and Kate Spade - Kate Spade Seraphine Nylon Bow Tote USD 295 (Right)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bag Fever- Mulberry and Coach

As if to tease me knowing I have yet to increase the ante with my now depleted bank account, Mulbbery and Coach came up with new bags that would surely turn the tables around- yet again.

These two brands seem to have their own points of view, which is good. The more styles for us to choose from!


Mulberry can no longer be called a bag from the past with its newest updated looks from the Alexa, to the Edie and now the Lily. Even their names are tres chic!

This seasons Lily has been revamped to bring on the bling. Each bag is handsewn with beads that would amount to around 2,596 crystals and each would take roughly 18 hours to make, ensuring that no 2 bags are the same.

This bag may certainly call everyone's attention as it comes with a nice chunky price tag of USD 5,250. This must be the labor cost as all of this bag is made in the UK.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's A Man's World

Who says summer always has to be ultra feminine?
Try these Masculine looks and draw your own inspiration:

1) The Fedora

Fedora, Hermes
Anchor necklace, Balenciaga
Fur trimmed coat, Burberry
Rings, Repossi

2) The Not-so-Feminine Heels
Dress, Alaia
Leather corset belt, Alaia
Lace up heels, Alaia
Cuffs, Repossi

3) The Mega Belt and Tuxedo Top
Earrings, Tom Ford
Jumpsuit and Belt, Alexander McQueen
Cuffs, Chanel
Gloves, Chanel

4) The Naughty Stockings with a Structured Dress
Wood and diamond link necklace, Vhernier
Crystal pendant necklace, Tom Ford
Bracelets, Anita Ko
Ring, Anita Ko
Clutch, Louis Vuitton
Stockings, Falke
Heels, Tom Ford

5) Pile on the Cuffs and Heavy Rings
Dress and belt, Alaia
Onyx ring, Tom Ford
Collier de Chien cuffs, Hermes
Gold cuff, Celine
Cuff, Tiffany
Bracelet, Louis Vuitton
Bangle, Tiffany

Other "Strong" accessories on my list:
1) A man's sized leather watch
2) Well heeled Brogues
3) Wide Leg Trousers
4) Crisp White Polo
5) Tuxedo Jacket

What are the other things that make you feel sexy... yet oh so manly?



Special thanks to for the pictures.

VB means business

From my favorite Spice girl to a resident designer of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Victoria Beckham has showed everyone her passion in making a woman comfortable and confident in her clothes. 

Spring '09

Recalling the reviews on her first collection for Spring 2009, retailers were definitely interested with her designs not because of her name but on the precise structure and tailoring. They were body-conscious and oozed sophistication that any woman would want. And at her second collection, VB still seemed surprised of her success as she showcased 23 pieces for Fall 2009 by appointment. Once again, her sheaths have fits-like-a-glove effect on anyone.

Fall '09

Spring '10

Fall '10

And as her collections grew, she also made sure that she pushed herself into making more fashion-forward yet still girly designs. 2010 was the year when she tried to loosen up a bit and never lose that touch on knowing what a woman wants. She still offered structure and fit but giving us more drapes and metallics. Her own style and personality seemed to have come out more in these collections. It even slipped the minds of the editors that she was once a Pop star as she talked like a pro about her clothes.  

Spring '11

Fall '11

So as 2011 comes in, Victoria Beckham has proven that she has made a name as a designer and business woman. Her looks are on-trend and easy to pull off. She is very attentive to details without being over the top. Like any successful fashion designer, she recently graced the runways with outfits woman did not even know they wanted until she showed them. All throughout the years she has been in this industry, her pieces have continuously grown but one thing stays the same, they most definitely accentuate one's assets which translates to confidence and sophistication. Her peers obviously loved her clothes, that you spot them wearing a VB dress on award shows or on the street. And as all these transpires, she is raking more greens than ever. She seems to be on track on a business model that obviously works. Her celebrity status, talent, and ingenuity on design just fits-like-a-glove too with her clothing line.

Can most of us say the same on our favorite Pop star?



Photos from

Friday, March 18, 2011

What my summer will be like

I have been contemplating on what will make my must-have list this summer. Below are some of my inspirations. Some I ought to have, some I already have, and some I plan to have even when the summer days are gone. 

I bet everyone is as excited as I am because we now have more reasons to get out of the city and enjoy good music with a couple (or more!) Mojitos by the beach. Aaaahhh, I can hear the waves already.

I hope we all have a great summer ahead!


Colored pumps photo from

More days by the beach photo from Columbine Goldsmith

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What to Wear, Where- and their New W3 Shoe Collection!

With the succes of their coffee book, What What Wear. The team, Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power came up with their newest book, entitled What to Wear, Where and a new WWW Shoe Collection to boot!

What to Wear, Where is your How-to-Handbook for any style situation!

The team has also come up with a show collection called W3 which can be purchased in Just as their collaborators for this exciting new fashion project.

Style Guide







Which one did you like the most? The collection is pretty versatile don't you think?
Girls definitely can't have enough shoes!

Can't wait for the book either. Its around USD 19 if you order it via Amazon.



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beach Essentials

If you're off to the beach anytime soon this summer then I do hope you are well prepared! Marga and I are off to swim with the whale sharks in a couple of weeks and we can't help but talk about what to bring.

As girls, we talk about the smallest details! Whether the sunblock is SPF 100 or not, to bring a separate sunblock for the body and one especially made for the face, or if our nail polish will match our swimsuit and if our hair is considered "beach ready"

So here is a list of essentials that I would be needing in order to efficiently and fashionably hit the beach.

I recently bought myself a proper beach bag that could double as a bohemian bag on days when I just want to take a chill pill.

Its from Forever 21 for Php 1,300. It's not the exact same one in a sense that mine is in a different pattern with beads and braided rope drawstrings. Its not on their website but this is the closest one to it.

A gorgeous canvas tote with a Hawaiian floral design and drawstring rope straps. Magnetic snap closure. Single patch pocket and zipper pocket interior. Solid lining.
- 13.5" H (23.5" approx height with shoulder strap) x 42" L
- Shell: 100% cotton; lining: 100% polyester

I suggest you also check out Forever 21 if you are in need of swimsuits. They have a good collection at great prices! Here is my favorite one in their swim summer 2011 collection:

I also decided on a light peachy pink shade for my nail  which I have currently been wearing. Its from Dashing Diva- It's more expensive than local brands but well worth it. I hardly get chips for up to 3 weeks!
I chose this color because it's light and still very summery. Also because I don't think I would get respected in my extremely uptight office in aqua or turquoise although those would have been my first choice.

It's the the left most color Called 'Socialite' that I currently use. Retails at 375php.

When the weather gets humid, it causes the hair to get very flat and since my hair is very fine and very straight, I use Burts Bee's Shampoo. The boyfriend actually discovered this since he's into hair and facial products and found that this brand is the most natural and organic. So he got me Burt's Bee's Pomegranate - Very Volumizing Php 650 from Beauty Bar. It really feels good so there is no guilt to use it every day.

While hair is a girls crowning glory, we musn't forget thy lips! Make sure its still soft and lucious even during the dryness associated with the summer heat. In line with being organic, I use Kiehl's Lip Balm for Php 750.

Last but not the least, we should expect beach hair this summer so instead of totally having a permanent perm, use a curling iron instead so you could still have options to either go straight or curly.
I use Remington curling iron in ceramic so your hair won't get burned. Choose the bigger curls option to avoid looking like Raggedy Anne or Goldilocks.

What are your beach essentials?



Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let them bloom

Let them bloom

"In the cherry blossom's shade 
there's no such thing as a stranger."            
                                                             - Issa 
items from Polyvore

Needless to say, our hearts and prayers go to those greatly affected by the recent tragedy in Japan.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trend Report: Cropped tops

Spring 2011 runway

I think my earliest memory of the these cropped tops were in the 90s when they were still called midriffs! And just like any other styles or trends, they do make comebacks. During the recent Spring 2011 shows, designers have showed us how to rock those abs-showing-shirts in various styles. One can exude that sexy rocker chick in you with those obviously (but nicely executed) cutoff shirts. A casual look couldn't be even more casual when you got those tie dye prints with your favorite walking shorts. But what is more interesting is that these are seen in red carpet events and parties.  Rihanna was seen wearing a couple during a red carpet event and one of her promotional tours. On the local scene, Anne Curtis wears this Bayo top that gives us a romantic yet sexy outfit. While the ever sultry Sollen Heussaff shows us her toned body with that tiny cropped top.   

Rihanna, Anne, and Sollen sporting this trend

So if you are already feeling the summer heat and what to try these cropped tops on, just remember that its trendier to pair them with your favorite high-waist bottoms and a pretty much toned abs.



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chanel loves Blake

Photo courtesy of NY Mag

Serena or I mean Blake Lively, debuts her first Chanel ad for the new Mademoiselle handbag line. At only 23 years old, she has been called the next golden star, It-girl, or an American dream girl. However, it is Karl's evident love for her that he personally photographed her for this campaign right at Chanel’s famous headquarters on the Rue Cambon on that iconic mirrored staircase. I was definitely expecting more from this cover because it just feels like the same Blake Lively we see from her show and the red carpet. That could be the campaign's perspective I suppose and we just have to wait for the rest it too. 

Photo courtesy of

I guess the rest of the industry definitely feels the same way and finds in her the perfect look that is easy to relate to. 

They first started liking her when she went to the Met Ball in 2009 wearing a one-sleeve blue Versace gown, with a slit nearly up to her hip bone and her cleavage spilling out of the neckline.
"That was when it all started," Vogue style director Alexandra Kotur told the Times.
“She has this East Coast-West Coast way of combining things that is very original,” Ms. Kotur added. “She’s a Malibu girl who can wear Chanel, and that’s where it’s really that bi-coastal chic that no one else has in America right now. She shows cleavage, she’ll show some leg. And it’s sexy.”
The editor of Allure, whose second Lively cover was the magazine's best-selling issue, thinks the Lively appeal is even more simple than that:
She’s a living, breathing human being who smiles,” said Allure’s editor, Linda Wells. “And you think, why would that be so hard? Who knew the non-rebel would suddenly feel rebellious? Then you add that to the fact that she’s not going to get arrested and she’s not going to shave her head or end up in rehab, but she goes out enough to be visible. It’s kind of a perfect situation for designers and editors. She’s a safe bet.” 

And as the growing woman that she is, she thinks that the the Mademoiselle handbag is more than just a purse..."It’s a quilted case full of lipstick, love letters and the dreams and possibilities that I have always felt every time I see that beautiful ‘CC.’ ”

Some looks of Lively in Chanel creations.

Do you love her as the brand's newest ambassador?

Is there more to the knockout body and big smile?



Monday, March 7, 2011

The YSL Publication: Manifesto

Tomorrow, the eighth installment of Yves Saint Laurent’s in-house cult-publication Manifesto will finally be released in select cities around the world, including Paris, New York, London, Milan, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

The Manifesto will also make its debut in Los Angeles for the first time ever, and will be available at the following three locations: Sunset Plaza, the Santa Monica Pier, and the YSL boutique on Rodeo Drive.

Make sure you get your copy of the exclusive magazine—which was created by YSL’s Creative Director Stefano Pilati, shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vindoodh Matadin, and features top model Arizona Muse—as it is indubitably a collector’s item.

Plus, if you’re one of the first 2,000 people to stop by, you’ll also get a one-of-a-kind cotton YSL Manifesto tote bag. 

Too bad we don't even have a YSL store here in Manila.
What are we to do but to surf the net?
The Manifesto is such a tres chic idea for a publication. It makes so much sense too!

I love YSL. I write this as I sit beside my Muse... such an inspiration!

What would be on your Manifesto?



Daily Source of Inspiration: H&M Spring 2011 with Giselle Bundchen

As if this new mommy hasn't given birth, here she is strutting her stuff in H&M's New 2011 Spring Campaign.

The looks just made me we want to try the peasant look for a more "girl next door" feel.

The look screams boho and I like how flowy and easy going it feels. It looks so comfrotable too. I guess the challenge here is looking more of summer boho than of just plain sloppy! 

This reminds me of the Mango look several seasons ago with Scarlet Johansen. A long floral maxi dress in a flowy fabric with an abundance of bangles, baubles and accessories!

I really like the casual cool look of this particular one. it's time to bring the white jeans back!

Actually liking the style but the print is a little too wallpaper-ish for me. Then again, I'm a sucker for solid colors!

The beauty shot. Whatta beauty indeed.

This is perhaps my favorite look of them all. Not too pajama-ish and still very boho chic. Loving the rope accent as a belt. So much more personality don't you think?

All in all, the H&M collection for Spring 2011 has defnitely made an impact. And Yes, I am so happy it screams of Spring! Personally prefer spring over summer. Summer for me is a little too laid back and too hot to even bother!

What's your spring scheme?