Monday, May 30, 2011

My Favorite Place for Cheap (but expensive looking) Swimwear

I was off on an Asian trip with the family recently and while summer is nearly over, I had enough time to catch up with the season and get a great stash of swimwear.

I decided not to go for the ever so popular triangle bikini and decided to go for different styles and cuts.

Here are the swimwear I can't wait to wear... If only it won't be raining that is.

Here are the other colors:

Each suit (a complete set would only cost up to about Php 1,300 max!
Plus, you have the advantage of not seeing it on a lot of people as its not available locally.
H&M always has a good selection of suits every year.

I got this in a burnt sienna and black color instead of white and cream.

Here is the other suit I got in this exact color as the beige and black was too obviously animalistic for me and beige never looked good on my skin especially in the beach. I fade and bland in!

Did you love their designs as much I did?
Here are their other suits:

See above. Another one I almost bought in pink.

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