Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mood Changing Polish

Just when I thought they could not think of anything new aside from crackle polish, tie-dye polish, glow-in-the-dark polish, now they have mood changing polish which reminds me so much of my younger days when mood rings were the "IT" thing in school.

I'm not sure how accurately laquer or paint can in a way, sense, my mood considering it has to go through and feel my nails first. Nevertheless, its a fun thought and its worth a try.

In the Mood is a brand of nail polish sold in the States that has this feature.

They say that it works as it tries to sense the change in your body termperature.

If you feel cold, the Hype color will change from a highly pigmented pink to a lighter shade.

I'm not sure how the logic goes- whether the color will turn bright pink if you're feeling hot or vice versa.
It's worth a try since it's fun to check if it would also change colors based on your actual emotions and not just based purely on your body termperature.
If you are indoors with airconditioner, then you will obviously feel cooler. But if you're angry, wonder if the color will change to bright red?

In the Mood nail polish will be out in the United States in June.
Other brands that carry this mood changing polish effect is Claire's!

What color combination would you choose?
I'd prefer to have midnight purple when I'm feeling sick, bubble gum pink when I'm excited and canary yellow when I'm feeling content.
How about you?



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