Friday, May 27, 2011

On Coming Home and Home Inspirations

Coming back from a long trip never fails to make me feel a tad bit homesick. I miss my bed since I always put emphasis on sleeping paraphernalia, pillows and bed covers.

I miss having my whole array of things around me- just within an arms reach.

And I love being in the midst of my stuff, my organized chaos, and knowing exactly where things are.

I like the thought of knowing that I can look back and see my well lit, glass cabinet made especially for my shoes and seeing that every inch of what I see around me has come from 12 hours a day of hard work.

With something new and big just around the corner, I decided that my little special place in the world deserves a little sprucing up and so... here are the things on my Home Shopping List:

1) Artsy Fartsy Prints from Heima

2) Round Stool from Dimensione

3) Paul Smith-esque Throw Pillows

4) Armchair with Character from Our Home

5) Ottoman from Our Home

Other Items on the list include:
6) Floor Lamp (Restoration)
7) Clothes Stand
8) Shoe Rack
9) Vases (Haze)
10) Jewlery Organizers (Make Room)

What would your A
look like?



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