Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One for the Men, Zara Man 2011 LookBook

Been trying to move the boyfriend toward the right direction, in a fashion sense anyway. And I tell you, it's not so easy to convince a man to (literally) change his old and faded ways.

In order to nudge him a little further and in a more affordable option, (so its okay to make mistakes) Zara seemed like the perfect choice to inspire him with its wide array of styles, its availability (it still has a little snob factor here in Manila) and of course, the great price.

Its a great starting point for any budding fashionsita!

Zara Lookbook Men Spring 2011

I prefer the first, second and third look. The forth one is just too much for the guys guy in my opinion.
The first look is chic and very much European while the second and third look could go well in our weather- I am not too sure if Manila is quite ready for the suit and sandals look.

Absolutely lurve these looks! The outfits shout "Yes, I think of what I'm wearing because I do care!"
There is nothing hotter than a man who cares... and the confidence to carry it off.


Thank you, Zara for showing the cool, mature and confident man how it's done.

What kind of look do you wanna see guys wearing?



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