Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jeremy Scott for Swatch

Jeremy Scott is an American designer known for his avant guarde designs.
He Brings to life pop culture into fashion with his ever so groovy and creative designs.

With his collaboration with Swatch, now all of us can have a touch of his iconoclast worthy works of art.
Its great- we can now be popstars in our own right.

Here are some of his designs that are both tempting... and reasonable as it has a dual purpose- it tells time and its designer piece. Could be collectible someday too!

This is my favorite as its the most wearable due to its color. Then again, Jeremy Scott's pieces are meant to be attention grabbing!

If I were anymore of a brat, which I am suspecting I may be, I'd get this piece tooo, I'd always havea  thing for wings and thunderbolts anyway.

The designs are classic Jeremy Scott since he is also well known for his winged Addidas sneaks in a collaboration he had with them. For anyone in the know with the fashion scene, it would definitely be his trademark design.

Glad to note that this special edition Jeremy Scott designs for Swatch are now in town.

What's your take on it?
Which one would you go for?



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