Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beach Essentials

If you're off to the beach anytime soon this summer then I do hope you are well prepared! Marga and I are off to swim with the whale sharks in a couple of weeks and we can't help but talk about what to bring.

As girls, we talk about the smallest details! Whether the sunblock is SPF 100 or not, to bring a separate sunblock for the body and one especially made for the face, or if our nail polish will match our swimsuit and if our hair is considered "beach ready"

So here is a list of essentials that I would be needing in order to efficiently and fashionably hit the beach.

I recently bought myself a proper beach bag that could double as a bohemian bag on days when I just want to take a chill pill.

Its from Forever 21 for Php 1,300. It's not the exact same one in a sense that mine is in a different pattern with beads and braided rope drawstrings. Its not on their website but this is the closest one to it.

A gorgeous canvas tote with a Hawaiian floral design and drawstring rope straps. Magnetic snap closure. Single patch pocket and zipper pocket interior. Solid lining.
- 13.5" H (23.5" approx height with shoulder strap) x 42" L
- Shell: 100% cotton; lining: 100% polyester

I suggest you also check out Forever 21 if you are in need of swimsuits. They have a good collection at great prices! Here is my favorite one in their swim summer 2011 collection:

I also decided on a light peachy pink shade for my nail  which I have currently been wearing. Its from Dashing Diva- It's more expensive than local brands but well worth it. I hardly get chips for up to 3 weeks!
I chose this color because it's light and still very summery. Also because I don't think I would get respected in my extremely uptight office in aqua or turquoise although those would have been my first choice.

It's the the left most color Called 'Socialite' that I currently use. Retails at 375php.

When the weather gets humid, it causes the hair to get very flat and since my hair is very fine and very straight, I use Burts Bee's Shampoo. The boyfriend actually discovered this since he's into hair and facial products and found that this brand is the most natural and organic. So he got me Burt's Bee's Pomegranate - Very Volumizing Php 650 from Beauty Bar. It really feels good so there is no guilt to use it every day.

While hair is a girls crowning glory, we musn't forget thy lips! Make sure its still soft and lucious even during the dryness associated with the summer heat. In line with being organic, I use Kiehl's Lip Balm for Php 750.

Last but not the least, we should expect beach hair this summer so instead of totally having a permanent perm, use a curling iron instead so you could still have options to either go straight or curly.
I use Remington curling iron in ceramic so your hair won't get burned. Choose the bigger curls option to avoid looking like Raggedy Anne or Goldilocks.

What are your beach essentials?



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