Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lanvin vs. Kate Spade- Both No Go's, Sorry!

There is a reason why these bags are the looks for less.
But first, can you guess which is Lanvin and which is Kate Spade?

Lanvin - Lanvin Cabas Satin Logo Tote at USD 795(Left) and Kate Spade - Kate Spade Seraphine Nylon Bow Tote USD 295 (Right)

Both look very much alike- but we dont like both very much either.

Kate's version does not sluch, is more stiff due to the difference in material. Although both as can be seen are both bright in color with black handles and bows at added "design"

Lanvin or no Lanvin, Kate Spade or no Kate Spade, these bags don't seem to make it on our list due to its lack of imagination and sorry to say, aesthetic.

For the same price with Kate Spade, I would have gone for this instead:
Kate Spade Essex Scout Flap Bag for USD 395.

What's your "It" bag for the season?



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