Friday, March 18, 2011

What my summer will be like

I have been contemplating on what will make my must-have list this summer. Below are some of my inspirations. Some I ought to have, some I already have, and some I plan to have even when the summer days are gone. 

I bet everyone is as excited as I am because we now have more reasons to get out of the city and enjoy good music with a couple (or more!) Mojitos by the beach. Aaaahhh, I can hear the waves already.

I hope we all have a great summer ahead!


Colored pumps photo from

More days by the beach photo from Columbine Goldsmith

Tribal inspired looks photo by Topshop Makeup

Tribal necklaces photos from

Dreaming of a Celine photo from

Floral pants photo by Columbine Goldsmith

Grab a copy of Vogue US photo from Fashion Gone Rogue

A nice bronze photo from Fashionising

Top pick bangles from

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