Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy birthday Paul & Joe!

Paul & Joe Philippines turns 4!

I never used make-up 'til I met Paul & Joe. Yes, you read it right, I never learned how to wear foundation, keep a compact powder or apply blush until four years ago. Well, with very sensitive skin, I kept a very simple beauty regimen - cleanse and moisturize. For almost ten years now, sentiments of fear, worry, and caution take over trying new beauty products. Luckily, I found this French-Japanese or it found me. Trust me,  it can be love at first sight.

I was one of the few fortunate girls to get a glimpse and wear this brand even before they hit the store! From that makeshift backstage of a study hall, a group of students were styled to model designer clothes while Paul & Joe willingly sent their products and make-up artists to complete the looks. I hope you get the picture because from then on I just hoarded liquid foundations, cheek blush, lipsticks, and everything else that fancied me. 

Some of my stash through the years

Their products are manufactured in Japan hence, they are tested for Asian skin with that extra marketing strategy on how we can't deny how flawless Japanese women are. For those with sensitive skin like mine, these are definitely a keeper. The texture is very light and very easy to apply too. And for more obvious reasons, the packaging is always lovely. They are dainty and pretty that you would want to carry them around. The components seemed to tie beautifully

As it turns 4 years old this year, we were cordially invited for a bit of a celebration and launch of their Parasol collection. Staying true to a true Paul & Joe woman, the new shades were savvy and stylish. 

And as the brand's designer puts it, "It's about having fun. I don't ask for advice, I just have things I love."

Thanks Paul & Joe for those wonderful gift bags! And of course thanks for the past years that you never failed to bring out a fresh, charming, or simply stunning looks that every girl goes for.



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