Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trend Report: Cropped tops

Spring 2011 runway

I think my earliest memory of the these cropped tops were in the 90s when they were still called midriffs! And just like any other styles or trends, they do make comebacks. During the recent Spring 2011 shows, designers have showed us how to rock those abs-showing-shirts in various styles. One can exude that sexy rocker chick in you with those obviously (but nicely executed) cutoff shirts. A casual look couldn't be even more casual when you got those tie dye prints with your favorite walking shorts. But what is more interesting is that these are seen in red carpet events and parties.  Rihanna was seen wearing a couple during a red carpet event and one of her promotional tours. On the local scene, Anne Curtis wears this Bayo top that gives us a romantic yet sexy outfit. While the ever sultry Sollen Heussaff shows us her toned body with that tiny cropped top.   

Rihanna, Anne, and Sollen sporting this trend

So if you are already feeling the summer heat and what to try these cropped tops on, just remember that its trendier to pair them with your favorite high-waist bottoms and a pretty much toned abs.



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