Monday, March 28, 2011

That factor called Baler

Summer has officially begun even with the crazy weather getting in the way. My beach adventures started a couple weeks back and they will keep on coming in the next weeksI’m already having a difficult time trying to focus on office work as those upcoming rock star weekends keep lurking in the back of my mind.

I believe we have pretty much established the fact that I love the beach. It is just love when you don’t mind having tan lines ‘til June, when you buy swimsuits during off season, or when you decide in a heartbeat to visit the nearest beach during one random weekend. So the moment Jamie mentioned she planned to join a beach trip organized by Travel Factor, I was already mentally packing! And as if I needed more convincing, it turned out to be a surfing trip too! I grabbed my trusty red backpack and packed all my beach bumming and surfing essentials. It would be a bumpy and dreadful 7-hour road trip only to spend only a few good hours riding and falling off the long board and small talking people I have never met before. But when we finally reached Sabang beach in Baler, Aurora I never knew it had the makings of one enjoyable and unforgettable trip!

The quiet and quaint atmosphere in that small town by the beach was very relaxing. The waves of Baler were wild but awesome. It was definitely a challenge but the local trainers were very warm and accommodating. For a while there, they even made me feel like a pro! Haha! Of all the trips that the organization does in a year, I’m not exactly sure of the chances of ending up with a very fun-loving group such as ours. Everyone was very easy to talk to and we all look forward to doing more trips together!

The whole crew with some of our trainers

A short tour of the town 

With Pao, Jamie, and Par

Bazaar find cropped top, American Eagle shorts, 
F&H belt, and my trusty black Havs

Now, don’t you just wish for more days under the sun, no expectations, and just good ol' fun?



Special Thanks to our coordinator Angku and Par for the photos

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