Monday, February 21, 2011

Back from Hong Kong: My MUJI Loot!

Walking through the rain in the streets of Hong Kong is no easy task especially when carrying bedsheets for a double sized bed.
Im not just talking about sheets here! I'm talking about the whole array of bed sheets, duvet cover, 4 pillow cases and 2 sets of bedroom slippers.

The only reason I decided that this task was well worth it because Muji doesn't seem to have this on-stock here in Manila and the cloth they used to make it is to die for! I've always wanted to sleep on jersey sheets!

My new jersey sheets are oh soo soft and airy! It let's my duvet cover breathe and best of all, it makes sleeping all the more enjoyable. I'm a firm believer in spending for sleeping paraphernalia since sleep is so important to me and it makes me feel good knowing I'm sleeping in beautiful surroundings. I even go to great lengths to light candles and fire up my jasmine aroma therapy jars both in the bed and in the bathroom. (Yes, trying to reconstruct hotel living in my own house) And after all, we spend almost half of our lives sleeping- without knowing it. So we might as well sleep- fashionably!

The only problem is if I got the right size. A Double here is close to a Queen, I wonder if their Full is close to a Twin. Oh well, there's no point in worrying abnout it now. We shall find out when it gets back from the cleaner. 

Linen Duvet Cover L - Light Beige
I'll post some pictures of how my overall bed looks like!

And here are the bedroom slippers that are comfy and best of all, washable! Got it for around HKD 99 so thats around Php 600. The only downside though is that they only come in Medium and Large so if you have big feet, the Large would probably be still too small. I, on the other hand, have small feet so the medium is a tad bit too big.

Reused Cotton Border Knit Washable Slipper

I opted for neutrals since its more light and easy on the eyes. I also find it too stressful to sleep on busy sheets. I have another bed set in black and white and another in pure white just so I can interchange my sheets. I change mine every 2 or 3 weeks because I always want it clean and fresh!

P.S. I would have bought the hamper too if only I had more than 2 hands, (which I don't). It was quite pricey anyway at HKD 235 or Php 1,450 for a plain foldable canvas hamper. Maybe I just liked the luxury of knowing we can't have it here in the Philippines?

How do you sleep and what kind of sheets do you sleep on?



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