Monday, February 21, 2011

Marga's February Wish List

As for now, these are some of the things MY dreams are made of..

1. an I Love You

Need I say more? Rolex says I Love You. This limited edition I Love You Rolex Explorer just came out in time for Valentine's Day and retails at roughly 600,000Php. Is it love? I has to be.

Thanks Fashion Foie Gras for the photo 

2. Just a tote!

Any of these Chanel totes would do. I am not really a big fan of the 2.55 but I wouldn't mind carrying these babies around.

3. The right-kind-of-gold

I know, I know, gold cuffs shouldn't be the hardest thing to find but it seems like luck isn't on my side! I'm looking for that perfect shade of gold wherein its not too gleaming and doesn't tarnish easily either. I seriously have not considered any so whether its the real deal or just nicely gold plated, I ought to find 'em still. Above photos are from Aurelie Bidermann and Chanel.

4. Go animalistic!

I remember having this conversation with Erika in which I was explaining to her that I just want animal print in my flats. That's it. I used to have one in the perfect ballerina shape and color as the first picture but it got worn out!! I am really now on a serious search for the exact same shape, print, and price. It has been a bit grueling and frustrating already so your suggestions where I could get a new pair will be really appreciated.

5. Get personal

If I'm actually getting one, it HAS TO BE personalized. Not a lot people are convinced of the material and print of these Goyard bags but I like them. It feels low-key to me and with my initials printed on it, just makes it more special. By the way, my eyes are on the pouch/envelope like what the guy is holding in the picture.

7. Vacation with a Cause

The term voluntourism is coined from volunteer travels or volunteer vacations. I have always wanted to visit South Africa not just for leisure but to immerse myself in their culture and in my own little ways contribute in uplifting the conditions of the less-fortunate communities there. There are diverse programs available and maybe we could start organizing such trips also here in the Philippines! There's just to many hopes and dreams in this one, maybe we could leave the details on another post : )

7. The perfect beach hair

If the world is truly fair, I ought to have the perfect waves for summer! Seriously, no one gets it why these Victoria's Secret models get it easy. Going back to the hair, I believe its every Pinay's concern that they have if not long at least healthy locks. And with summer slowly sneaking in (yes, I know its just February) we are all gearing up for the beach trips and I am hoping against hope that my stylist grants my wish to have nice brown and wavy hair.

What's on your list?



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