Monday, February 28, 2011

Planning for Planaforma

If only I weren't so lazy then I wouldn't have a problem going to the gym every so often. But the problem is, I am lazy. So very lazy to toil away in a hot stuffy gym only to impose upon myself streinuous activities that would only lead to the unduly demise of my body.

Yes, after not working out for a long time and going back to the "healthy" routine, by body aches for 3 days and after, its as if, nothing happened - and I don't really feel a pound lighter. This is very difficult to accept especially since I have a personal venedetta to reach my previous... okay... (very previous) weight of 100lbs.

I'm tired of running around The Fort and seeing the same old sights only to eventually get tempted to go eat a cupcake and have some coffee after. (I might as well stayed at home)

It's a good thing a friend had recommended to go visit Planaforma in the 6th Flr of JecoPrime Building in the Fort (It's the undone building along the street of Essensa.) Finally, I had something to do aside from going boxing.



This 55 minute class is a full body workout that features an efficiently structured series of muscle sprints and stretches, incorporating elements from dance, pilates and yoga. The pace is faster and the challenges are never the same.

It defines thighs, lifts seat, tones arms, and strengthens abdominals to create a lean and sculpted physique that is strong and efficiently mobile. You will notice increased lung capacity and metabolic rate, improved body awareness and posture, increased bone density which is crucial to health maintenance, stronger core and back muscles which reduces lower back pains, and better stress management.

What makes a Plana FORMA™ class memorable is the intense heat of muscles firing up to the point of exhaustion and the relief and pride of having embraced that heat, a sense of fulfillment knowing the limits have been hurdled.

What boxing is to weight loss, Planaforma is to my toning.

This is me... 2 months from now. Riiight!

Plana Forma™ Benefits
  • defined body
  • increased lung capacity
  • long, lean, and sexy muscles
  • a strong, toned and flexible body
  • improved body awareness
  • strong back and improved posture
  • increased bone density
  • firm seat
  • strong core and improved balance
  • better stress management
  • improved muscular balance for injury prevention
  • complements other sports activities and exercise

Look at their cute socks for Php 70!

  • Single Class PhP 650.00
  • 5 Class Package: PhP 2,900  (PhP 580.00 / class)
  • 10 Class Package: PhP 5,300 (PhP 530.00/ class)
  • 20 Class Package: PhP 10,200 (PhP 510 / class)
  • New Comers Monthly Unlimited PhP 3,000.00
  • 1 Month Unlmited: PhP 5,300.00
  • 6 Month Unlimited: PhP 28,500.00
  • Annual Member: PhP 50,000.00
  • New Comer’s Special: 2 classes for PhP 650.00 (PhP 325.00 / class)

Single classes, 5 and 10 class series packages expire three (3) months from the date of purchase.
20 class series packages expire six (6) months from the date of purchase.
Monthly unlimited packages expire 31 days from date of activation.
For health and safety reasons, all unlimited packages are limited to 3 classes per day.
Special promotional packages and workshops may have shorter expiration dates.

Here is their special package!

Thank you, Planaforma! Visit them here:

What's your form of workout?




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