Thursday, February 10, 2011

War of the Fashion Books

WHO WHAT WEAR vs. The ELLEments of Personal Style

Just which has produced the better Fashion Book?
Here's a review to check out and help you decide which one is worth buying.

Who What Wear 
Has general comments that you would typically expect from an ordinary Fashion Book. I personally don't think they spent too much time on this either as the pictures border on being plain and uninspiring. Would have liked the pages to pop more and push the reader to want to dress better and show us where or rather, what kind of dressing style Who What Wear stands for.

Its not much of a read either as you can skim through the pages in an hour and get the whole gist of it. There isn't very much about insider styling tips as one would have liked.

The ELLEments of Personal Style

Definitely has more inputs and insider tips. It delves deeper into the person and even their personal space and lets the reader in on the feel of each persona it features.Each person that was picked has his/her own prominent style which is quite inspiring- letting us know its okay to have our own.

Although it is a little more expensive, it is definitely more worth your money as this read can last you a whole day or even more.

The cover is done in a hardbound gold foil which makes it a keeper. It defnitely allows you to display it on the coffee table.

My favorite was the feature on Olivia Wilde. It tells her story, (she's married, at 19 at that!) her style and its evolution through the years, her favorite fashion spots and her actual budoir.

It doesn;t feature the people you would normally expect which is actually a breath of fresh air allowing us to see a greater scope of fashion.

Hope you are startung your own Fashion Book collection too!
I promise, it really is worth it!




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