Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NAIL IT! (Maybe Not Quite Literally)

We have always loved nail polish because it could easily make someone's day. We feel like there is this certain rush every time you approach the nail polish counter to pick a nail color that best reflects your mood. Once they are applied on your nails, not only are your hands and feet well-groomed they also serve as instant accessories. Hence, we want to make sure you pick the best color for the right mood, event, and season. 

On choosing trendier and on-season hues, it seems practical to buy your own bottle unless its really cheap i.e. below Php100 so as to save you a trip to the nail spa. Otherwise, if it's a standard or a safe color that you could really rely on, go for a bottle of Orly. The brand really offers a wide range of colors that are of quality too. They come up with new collections that are seasonal and shades that could be any girls go-to nail polish. There seems to be no substitute for it unless you have contemplated enough on getting that Chanel bottle which easily robs you Php1500.

For 2011, Spring is in the air and here are the top picks for our nails.

1) Nailing the Neutrals

There is something about nude that is both innocent yet so provocative. However, when going for this color, make sure it's not the same color of your skin otherwise you'll end up with mannequin hands.

Opt for something two shades darker or lighter than your complexion. And get ones that are in a high gloss formula for the extra punch of glam.


2) Into the Blue

It's no surprise that blue is back in the game especially in this time of the year. Blue among lilac and yellow is the color that Erika is likely to wear besides the fact that it will go with her skintone since its very girly yet still uncompromising in its "cool" factor.

For fair skinned gals you can go for the light blues while tanned skinned gals should go for the brighter tones.


3) Peachy Pink

So pink will probably never go out of style but pinks with a dash of peach is a once in a while thing. This is one of the colors that is very very difficult to carry especially since peach is a color that is quite picky. So shop well when you have this color in mind.


4) Loving the Lilacs

If peachy pink picks its people (try to say that line 6x) then lilac is the color for everyone as sit looks great on most skin tones.


5) Mattify!

If Harry Potter can have us stupefied then our nails can definitely go and mattify!
Yes, its no longer about gloss or no gloass. Now, there is Matte. Crackle. Pearlize.Glitter Shimmer.

Spring allows us to be adventerous about our choices through our top coats. We actually bought Orly bottles of Navy and Black for last season. Though we personally think that for spring/summer, We'd like to see more shimmer over nudes. It's classy and will go with everything!


Erika and Marga


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