Monday, February 7, 2011

Erika's February Wish List

And here is "The List" that will definitely get me broke very soon...

1) The Mulberry Alexa in Oak

This retails around PHP 60,000 in Hong Kong but I hear you can get it much cheaper via and have it sent to you through Singapore to bypass customs. hehe. (You didn't hear this from me)

I am actually torn between the Oak and the Purple one but alas, I have to be practical but still in a lavish kinda of way. I know, I know. Baad!

There's more after the jump!

Details of the Mulberry bag:

Oak buffalo leather
A plaited top handle
A detachable shoulder strap
Detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap
Internal pouch and zipped pockets
Postman’s lock closure
Belt strap and buckle detailing

Mulberry uses the best Leather sourced from scotland to make their timeless bags,their leather is very tough and rough and Mulberry said their bags will last over 25 years.

This Oak Mulberry Alexa Bag fits in the hand,over the shoulder,across the body or can be carried in the crook of the arm.

I AM SOO SOLD ON IT. I can't sleep at night thinking how much I can spare to afford it. Ugh so sick.

2) Aqua Nails

Still looking for that perfect shade of aqua. This one by Butter seems good for fair colored skin like mine.
Although since Butter is around Php 1000, I think it's too much for a bottle I definitely can't finish.
Share with me? Haha.

3) The Perfect Nude Lipstick 

I'm getting ready for summer and the highly pigmented bold lips during the holidays may be a little bit too much. And so, i revert back to the trusty nudes... lips ah! hahaha
As of now, I'm using Angel by MAC Php 950 but I'm almost done with my tube.
Looking for another alternative. Can you suggest any?

4) Nude Peep-toe Heels

Nude again? Why yes, to match with my nude lips!
Not too keen on Laboutin's though as I don't really keep my shoes for too long.
I chose peep-toe since Nude is such a ladylike color, why not go for the "lady-like" theme all the way!
I'm liking the Nude and Red look so this color combo you see right here is a winner.
heart heart heart. love love love.

By the way, do you know nude heels make you look taller?
Penelope is just average in height at around 5'4 - 5'6.

5) Animal Rings

Can't stop collecting these. I have a few but I'm looking for more.
It's been hard since my ring size is 6 so it's considered small.
My favorite are the tigers since I was born on that year.
Let me know where I can get my hands on more!

6) Ray-Ban Aviators

I have a couple of aviators at home and obviously my obsession with these still aren't over.
Now I want ones with these crazy metal bars in the middle.
Starsky and Hutch much? I don't care!

7) Trip to Coachella

Must go here before I turn 26, Must go here before I turn 26!
I'm turning 25 in a few months so I'm giving myself enough leeway to actually achieve this.
It's not just abou the concert ticket, its about the plane ticket too, and thats pretty heavy stuff!

Pleaaaase Valentines Santa? Can I have any of these!?


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