Saturday, January 1, 2011

Daily Inspirations – The Cadet Set

I am loving the mix of red, grey and black. I'm always the person for primary colors thinking it gives more of a punch than the usual pastels. Though never underestimate the power of monochromatic outfits in light colors! (Did you say camel?)

Slightly hoping that I might one day wear knee high boots around the city without looking odd and sooo out of place- then again, who cares?

Thank God the general public renders tights and wrap scarves acceptable. 

James Jeans

Plaid, boots and a hoodie is oh so fall. Thinking if I can pull-off both boots and plaid at the same time without looking like a lumber jack.

Sort of looking forward to buy that beanie I have been eyeing in Topman. (Yes, I shop for accessories in the men’s department particularly for their rings and scarves and now, the beanie! Yey.)

By the way, if you’re looking for cheap and uber stylish boots without necessarily having to break the bank, do take the time and check out Forever 21. I got my beige suede boots there for Php 2,000. Not bad eh? Will post my great bargain soon!

Rag & Bone

Searching, searching, searching for that type of hat. What is it called? Will somebody tell me! It’s a cross between a fedora and those large rimmed felt hats…

Anyway, we can’t seem to get enough of boots this season and this features the flat brown riding boot with tights and an off-shoulder dress. I actually tried re-doing this look at home and be aware, that if it’s not exactly the same elements as those featured here, it might look a little bit off. But who knows…

 Loeffler Randall

I’m thinking that the structural shoes here can be replaced by oxford heels if you’re more into rounded edges- as I am, than with pointed heels and tips.

Trying to figure out if the bottom is indeed a skirt or fitted pants with an overlap to make the upper half look like a skirt. I love how clothes can actually make you think.

Will definitely get into this look as its easy to convert from the office with a boyfriend blazer into a night out outfit by simply placing a statement and dare I say- extravagant bling-y necklace.

Young Fabulous & Broke

Don’t you just love the name of the label? It really gives it that extra special feeling.
Not too sure though if its really meant for the Young- yes. The fabulous- yes, The Broke- no.
Its actually quite pricey but the designs are too cool to brush off.

I’m actually more into the architecture and the finishing of the photo itself then the clothes as they are easy to put together. There’s something angelic about it that makes me want to stand beside the window and hope that the light reflects on me the same way. HAHA. 

 Robert Rodriguez – Classics at the Edge

ROBERT RODRIGUEZ! CLASSICS AT THE EDGE! I can’t stop raving about their collection this season because I feel it’s more of me. Black, leather and oh so flirty in a contrived kind of way. Everything about the feature is perfect- the setting, the finish, the pose, the look and the feel of it.  Makes the on-looker feel like this gal knows something we don’t. Its so industrial, rebel and chic…. Love love love!

 Paris Moderne – IRO

The acid wash jacket may look cool on this Caucasian but it would take a lot from the Pinay to make sure she doesn’t look too Makati Ave-ish.

Take note, tight denim acid wash jacket plus this “worn out” look body suit and you’re surely to give off the cool vibe that is if you have the attitude to work it.

But honestly, as much as I love the look and the “Oh my Gosh -Nylon Cover!” type, please tell me, where are you going?!?!

The beach? Denim jacket and sand? Don’t think so….
The pool? then you better make sure the kiddies aren’t around because this is way too haaaaaaawt for a GP rating!

Paris Moderne - IRO

We used to think that sequins were soo 80’s and I would remove any type of sequins on any type of clothing that had great potential. But guess what? They are baaack and I am loving the shine and the sparkle.

Seeing it during summer days may be a little too much but its appearance during the cold ‘ber” season makes it look oh so fash!

Say hello to sequins on mostly a lot of things this season from shorts, mini’s, bolero’s and capelets. But I guess I love it best on a simply jacket like this. – The Wild One

Not sure if I would jump on the band jacket bandwagon or spend too much on this look. Thanks to Michael Jackson it has made a return of the comeback.

If I were to wear it I would go for the hello red much like this featured here then a dark military green we’ve been seeing so much of lately.

If you’re a band jacket, you’re a band jacket. Don’t be a band jacket with military inspirations at the same time. Its like hello!- what are you, really?

Like I said, I’d probably hit the ukay to score this type of jacket as the trend probably wont be staying too long and I’m not completely sold on it. On another hand the mix of red and navy blue has sort of caught me off guard- in a good way. – The Wild One

Bridgette Bardot is that you!

Well, no. But I would love to wear the fur vest as does this Bardot inspired lady but the reality is- we live here in Manila so I guess that’s a no. This is a good way to re-invent your summer “sailor-ish” look though making it still in season by adding a little oomph to it with a nice black textured vest and a black belt. It’s so French noh? So in the words of the French I would say, “Ayyyyy, so fan-tas-tique!”


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