Thursday, January 6, 2011

Daily Discovery: Banana Birkin


So, a friend sent us a link for the newest Longchamp designs but lo and behold saw this thumbnail of the Birkin and you've just got to click it right? 

The photos got us fooled and confused at the same time! We just had to read through the descriptions and looked into other sites for more information. Basically, they all say that this solves the wait list for the elusive Hermès Birkin bag, its eco-friendly, and definitely way more affordable. They say its a big hit in Taiwan (where it originated) and was even part of the giveaways from a designer during London fashion week.

A lot came to mind when we saw this..firstly on how with this bag you could actually tote a Birkin by the beach (Haha!) but seriously speaking, its not entirely a knock-off of the original but it just screams like it? Its also very interesting since it somehow reflects the most sought after designs and brands in fashion and how people would want to make better decisions now with regards to spending in this kind of economy. Of course the infamous original collections of the brand will always be on top of our list but would you rather have a fashionable eco-friendly banana tote or one of those very good copies that we dare not say the source or price?

Erika and Marga



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