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Looking Back on 2010’s Best Fashion Trends

1) Grey Nail Polish
From smoky eye of years past, now we have fallen in love for the more achievable smoky nail.
It’s our favourite 2010 Trend because girls of all shades will definitely fit different hues of grey from heather to concrete to slate. Grey nails have been chic all year long, with stars like Lauren Conrad, Sienna Miller, Jessica Szohr, and Scarlett Johansson seen sporting them.
Seems to be a little depressing that we lack nail lacquer colors to choose from here in the Philippines since we are left with the same old brands. How to find that perfect shade of grey we can’t stop thinking about?

We're almost desperate to find that perfect shade that we have half a mind to mix our own by adding a little bit of white and a doseful of black for that rich deep shade were obsessing with.

True, we may have Chanel on our shores making us one step closer to that Php 1,350 bottle of Particuliere… the only problem is its completely sold out... and its a tad bit too expensive for nail paint!

"Heather grey nails are like your favourite heather grey v-neck: easy to wear but still a little sexy," the New York Daily News quoted Cheryl Kramer Kaye, beauty director of Redbook magazine, as saying.
"It's a neutral enough shade to wear on your fingers, but if you work in a conservative office, you might want to wear it on your toes instead, although to me, while it's kind of edgy, it's not at all vampy," Kaye added.
The color grey on our nails may first seem unconventional… but we heart it and it definitely works!


2) Call of the Clogs
Marni- Gloss leather sling back clogs

There is something oddly pretty and just plain odd about clogs. They are noisy, hard to walk with and milk maid-ish. It takes a certain "fashion trained" eye to have an appreciation for it... and as we walk in our own pair we realize, -these shoes are definitely not made for walking.

“Clogs are originally a type of Dutch shoe worn in the 70's, which at this point were completely made out of wood. They were made for easy comfort as they slipped on to the foot easily and were even sometimes used as tap dancing shoes. As time progressed clogs were re-invented in Sweden using leather which made them more fashionable and were popular amongst both sexes. One common trait in clogs and the main way of identifying them is that the sole and base of the shoe are always made out of wood.” According to Precious Chantal of

Although some will remain firm haters of the clog, it has been given a stylish and modern makeover and has become one of the biggest footwear trends in 2010. Celebs such as Rachel Bilson, Jennifer Garner, Michelle Williams and of course, Alexa Chung, have been spotted wearing the shoes, causing the our beloved fashion nation to divide into lovers and haters of clogs.


3) Sheer Blouse

 Alberta Ferreti- Pleated silk-chiffon blouse
Roberto Cavali- Printed silk crepe de Chine blouse

Guys love mystery and adding a little bit of sheer does exactly that.Not too much and not too little leaving so much room for the imagination to run wild.

Sheers look classy and elegant if done the right way. We’re loving the flowy movement of the fabric and the light-ness of it makes it perfect for Manila weather. Pair it with pants or with a skirt, (or with anything for that matter), we just wanted to take this time to say thank you Chloe for taking the Sheer back into our lives.

So for those who are too coquette to be overtly flirty, thank God that the Sheer trend is here to stay. Dare we say, it really is, Sheer Genius!

Here are a few tips to wear Sheer by Beautyhill:

Alexander McQueen- Sheer Blouse

A sheer, see-through blouse can be the key element for a perfect feminine and elegant outfit. The most important trick in order to make this item wearable is to cover something, but not everything! This means that you must choose a suitable blazer, a fuller bra or apply pockets in the over-exposed areas. You could also wear two layers of sheer tops or choose a blouse that has only a few sheer parts.
Sheer top and boyfriend blazer
Depending on the level of transparency, the sheer blouse can be appropriate for a day at the office giving a classy look to any outfit. If your blouse is too transparent, you could choose a stylish blazer, even a boyfriend style, or another smart covering such as a vest.

Think of an outfit that includes a sheer shirt with a beautiful black bra matched with a boyfriend blazer, a black draped skirt or a pencil one and a pair of high-heels. For a more daring approach try to unbutton the blazer.

Sexy lingerie and suitable undergarments
For a feminine and sexy look, choose to wear your sheer blouse with sexy lingerie, such as a bra with full cups and straps. In this case, make sure you pair it with a high-waisted skirt or pants to not have the feeling of showing too much skin.

For a more bold appearance choose a colored bra underneath. On the other hand, if you still want to keep a classy, yet modest look that doesn't necessary attracts unwanted attention, you can add suitable undergarments under the blouse. For a more office or school look, the see-through long-sleeved blouse should be worn with a basic camisole or tank under it.

Layers of sheer
If you just don't want to wear you sheer blouse with something on top or you are simply looking for a more romantic look try to wear one sheer item over another. This is one way to wear the sheer fabrics without exposing too much. Take your two favorite see-through blouses and wear them in the same time. You'll be surprised of the amazing result. A sheer plain top and a beautiful breezy blouse with floral prints works great with a pair of pants. Nevertheless, try to choose two blouses that have similar colors so they can create the illusion of a continuous piece.

For the weekend you can pair the sheer blouse with jeans and a long-sleeved tee.
For a night out wear it with a strapless camisole.
For a casual day look team the blouse with a nude camisole or a tank top underneath.
Whenever buying a sheer blouse check the fabric.
Choose a blouse in a darker color that can be worn both by day and by night.


4) The Re-invention of the Bucket Bag

Alexander Wang- Bucket Bag
The usefulness of this bag can no longer be denied. It can be used as a handbag when you feel like it or used as a messenger bag by using the long sling attached to it if you want your hands free for a more laidback look.

Perhaps the most well known of this pail-shaped breed is the Louis Vuitton Noé Bag. This monogrammed delight was originally created in 1932 as a way for the chic to carry four to five bottles of champagne for delivery without breaking.

The Louis Vuitton Noe can still be bought in LV stores around the world if you want to have little bit of history in this revival of a trend. Other designers have even updated the bucket bag in various materials, colors and sizes.
Whether you want to make a statement in your party dress or show-off a cool vibe with jeans, the bucket bag is definitely a handy and useful accessory to be lugging around.


5) Welcome the Wedges

Alaia- Leather Wedge Sandals
Bottega Venetta- Metallic Leather and Suede Wedge
Acne- Odval Desert Suede Wedge Boots

The best way to elongate one’s body without the pain and dangers involved in a sky high stiletto heel are through wedge heels. It’s the quickest and actually the most comfortable way to add some inches!

The wedge has been introduced and re-introduced many times over throughout the years but last year’s introduction has come with an edgier vengeance. The wedge has re-vamped itself with boots and clogs other than the usual sandal that we simply can’t stop raving about.

Gone are the days when women used to put their feet up to avoid spider legs after a whole day of walking in heels. The wedge has rescued us from that insatiable need to go even higher with the heels without having to worry about stumbling forward rather than actually being fashion forward.

 6) Give Me Denim! The Rise of the Denim Blouse, Vest, and Shorts
Denim on Denim used to be a fashion no-no but it has quickly evolved to be a fashion yes-yes!

The year’s denim on denim trend has all gotten us by surprise but the tricky part here is using it in a cohesive manner rather than a complete and total train wreck.

The best advice we could give is to break the denim with a leather or suede belt. Make sure the look is clean and tidy without the scruffiness of 80’s past otherwise, you’d be making an ode to Madonna during her bad days.
We have seen a lot of well done outfits with a denim polo paired with shorts and jeans but we are yet to see a good rendition of a jean polo with a skirt without looking way to country for our taste.

Wonder if you can pull of this trick? Let us know!

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7) Here comes the Harem

The harem pants, famous from its Oriental origin, always comes in a fluid form with the use of soft fabrics, wide in the upper half and slowly tapered towards the feet, you can probably call it sort of a hybrid between a skirt and pants.

It gives praise to its origins as the “saroual” which is a baggy crotch that is much lower than in a classic trouser. The style emerged from Ancient Persia and adopted by the armies of North Africa who eventually altered it for female riders who made it a symbol of oriental elegance.

The harem pants made a small appearance in the 90's in Europe and on the catwalk last year made more popular as it was worn by many celebrities in the glossy including Diane Kruger, Gemma Aterton, Eva Longoria, Sienna Miller and Rihanna.

The past year Hermes and Givenchy had already honored the harem pants with a twist of urban chic and added a touch of colonial aesthetics. The only drawback to this basic is that it flatters long slender figures that tubby women might have thought that it would disguise their forms in the folds of loose pants. However, there is no single form of harem pants, the height of the sides, the width, length range and variety of proposals would enable each to find their way and see how high the involvement the harem pants has in their own style.


 8) Sexy Edgy - Ripped Jeans 
Balmain- Ripped Jeans
American Eagle Outfitters- Super Bleach Destroyed Wash Ripped Jeans

So how does the 2008 take on ripped jeans differ from its past incarnations? The short answer is, it doesn't really. Well not much anyway - it's more about how it's worn than the pieces themselves. Unlike from the rebellious heavy metal torn denim of the 80s, or the loose grungy jeans of the 90s, the 2010 ripped denim trend is all about being sexy edgy and a tad bit revealing.

We prefer to wear the trend with basic t-shirts and tank tops with a structured jacket to make it look more sophisticated and less grunge. Adding accessories such as a statement necklace to draw the eye towards the face instead of just the ripped portions of the jeans shys away from the “I just woke up and I don’t have another pair of pants look”.

Here are a few more tips to wear the ripped jeans look from Becomegorgeous:

Casual. Boyfriend ripped jeans and simple, basic t-shirt, flat sandals and retro sunglasses is maybe the safest and the more relaxing way of wearing this type of jeans. For a casual look, pair ripped jeans with a simple sleeveless top, derby shoes and a Panama hat. Also, for a laid-back, effortless look, mix your cuffed destroyed jeans with a white t-shirt, flat sandals or gladiators, and a straw hat. You can also choose a navy style, or a white t-shirt and a blazer with sailor stripes. In this case, accessorize the outfit with a pair of comfortable ballerina flats, a large handbag and irreplaceable sunglasses.

Urban. For an urban, modern look, wear destroyed jeans, a t-shirt, blazer, nude high-heeled shoes and a clutch. This is a perfect outfit for a night out too. The urban look can also be achieved by matching cropped ripped jeans, high-heeled platforms, simple, black tank top and a military jacket. Don’t forget the oversized sunglasses. In the same category, destroyed jeans work great with a sailor striped t-shirt, a black blazer, trendy clogs and a clutch.

Chic. For a chic and more sophisticated look, a pair of cropped destroyed jeans, a loose nude tucked in blouse and a leather jacket is the perfect combination. The element of maximum interest should be the high-heeled sandals. Feminine and masculine for a sexy look! A pair of aviators would complete the look adding a mysterious feeling. If you want, you can take a beautiful necklace. For a night out with your friends, you can try skinny destroyed jeans, a blouse and high-heeled shoes. You need to pay extra attention to skinny distressed jeans as they can emphasize certain flaws. Therefore, make sure you find the perfect pair, as if they are horizontally ripped, they can make you look shorter and larger.

Even if it sounds a little weird, ripped jeans can be worn if you are more into the bohemian style. A loose blouse, platform sandals, oversized sunglasses and destroyed jeans can create the perfect boho outfit. For a hippie touch, add a ribbon on the head. For a more unique, personal style wear them with a sleeveless top and a vest.
On a hot summer day, you can also choose a pair of destroyed denim shorts. Matched with a feminine tank top or a sailor striped t-shirt and gladiator sandals you?ll look chic and trendy. You can also wear them on a shopping spree with your friends, and team them with a graphic t-shirt and ballerina flats or ankle boots.


9) Maroon/ Burgundy Lips

One of the key trends this fall for makeup is a dark, vampy lip. Best thing about it is deep berry-colored lipstick looks surprisingly good on almost all skin tones. Plus it’s super versatile, rock your berry with anything from a neutral eye to a hot smoky eye and you are sure to make a fashion statement.The recent MAC Venomous Villains Collection that hit Manila gives testament to the fact that the Berry trend has indeed been a wave of awe to the fashion conscious.

Here is your first close up look at Disney’s MAC Venomous Villains Collection. The collection hit MAC Stores last September 30th and includes products designed after four of the baddest Disney Villains of all time:

- The Evil Queen from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”
- Maleficient from “Sleeping Beauty”
- Dr. Facilier from “The Princess and the Frog”
- Cruella de Ville from “101 Dalmations”
With the great nostalgic packaging and the never failing quality of MAC, its really no wonder why these babies were sold out in all Manila MAC stores in less than 2 hours!


10) Manila’s Longchamp Craze  

Once again French bag brand Longchamp and Jeremy Scott get together and created a couple of pieces for Fall/Winter. Usually the bags are handed out for free to visitors of his catwalk shows and are later on released in select stores around the globe.
The next season the famous Longchamp Pliage bag came in two sizes and is decorated with medals, which are embroidered onto the upper of the bags – the Colonel series. They also created the Sergent bags, which have a more heavy all-over medal design and also come in two sizes. Once again we have to vote for the Pliage – it’s a classic, practical and pricing is pretty good.
With the new twist in designs, although there are more to choose from, it is also very easy for the bag to be recognized and unfortunately- dated.

Longchamp has been here for quite some time and we've loved it ever since. Were wondering why this trend has only caught on now?


What trends caught you the past year? We'd love to hear 'em!

Erika and Marga



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