Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 Bucket List

I think everyone should have their own Bucket List every year- just something added to make us feel better when we get to check one of them out.

I'll be soo happy if I get to complete them! Although by looking at it, it looks like I'll be needing lots of money!

Here is mine:

1) Visit:
A) South Africa- Inspired by the movie Born to be Wild
B) Korea- Planning to go to as much Asian countries as I can.

Deadvlei Namibia desert scenery
Deadvilei Namibia Dessert

 Birds at sunset, South Africa
African Sunset

South Africa estimated at USD 4,200/ Php 185,00 for 12 days

Korean Garden-  not the restaurant!

I'm hoping Korea is not just about temples though

Korea estimated at USD 900/ Php 40,000 for 5 days

2) Exercise:      
            A) Go Boxing in Elorde - My favorite sport.
            B) Finally try Barre in Barre 3 Studio in The Spa


Develop the length of a dancer and the strength of an athlete with our highly effective 60-minute workouts. Each class follows a thoughtful sequence for fast body shaping results and long term postural benefits.
As dancers know, the ballet barre is a wonderful prop designed to support the body in both static and dynamic movement leading to long, lean muscles. barre3 evolves the dancer's workout by combining the grace of the ballet barre with the wisdom of yoga and the strength of pilates.

This vigorous 60-minute workout is made up of a highly effective sequence of exercises designed to transform the body to one of equal balance, strength and flexibility.
barre3 foundations has the same highly effective sequence of exercises as barre3 but at a slower pace and with a different tone. Instructors emphasize basic alignment, foundation, and specific muscle actions to balance the body.

   » Manila Alabang
      phone: 850-3490
   » Manila The Fort
      phone: 856-5858

   » Rockwell — now open!

   » Eastwood — now open!

3) Learn:
A) To cook interesting Breakfast Foods- i.e. Chorizo Hash Brown, Baked Egg with Bacon and Spinach and Breakfast Burritos

B) To make gourmet Sandwhiches- Smoked Turkey, Apple & Cheese Quesadillas, Tuna Nicoise Sandwhich, Char Siu Pork with Cuapao

C) To achieve dinner meals that are light (& not go hungry after 12)- Baked Pizza w/ Caramelized Onions, Gorgonzola & Walnuts, Falafel w/ Hummus, Crab Tostadas

4) Philosophy:
A) Only buy things I can actually see myself wearing not because they are cheap.

B) Make sure I only buy goods that I don’t already have or are not similar to those that I already own.

Here are a couple of other Shopping Rules you may want to consider:

Rule # 1. Know exactly what you need. Take inventory of your clothing and write a list of items that will expand your wardrobe - a red top that you can wear with five other items in your closet.
Rule # 2. Buy only what you need. If you have five white t-shirts that are in good condition and exactly the same cut you probably don't really need another one.

Rule # 3. If you are working with a budget stay away from that great plaid, flowery or embellished bag if most of your wardrobe is patterned and none of the colors in the bag match the clothing you already have.

Rule #4. Don't be seduced by a low price. No matter how expensive it was if it doesn't fit don't buy it. You might find the best looking designer jacket at a low, low price but if it's the wrong color or it doesn't suit your body type you will not likely wear it.

Rule #5. Shop prepared. If you are shopping to find a blouse to match a certain pair of pants, wear the pants shopping. Or if you are buying a skirt wear heels or take an appropriate pair of shoes with you to get a better idea of how the skirt will look.

5) Decorate:
A) Help the BF decorate his new 3BR pad in Makati (I’m thinking uptown New York feel)
See thy pegs.
Sorry I’m a sucker for Black and White. But I’m inspired by the clean and classic lines with a few pop of color and art pieces here and there.


Contemporary Apartment in Central Stockholm 4 Contemporary Apartment in Central Stockholm, Interiors by Olle Rex

6) Read/ Watch:
A) Valentino, The Last Emperor

Produced and directed by Matt Tyrnauer, VALENTINO THE LAST EMPEROR is an intimate fly-on-the-wall exploration of the singular world of one of Italy's most famous men and provides a first-time glimpse into Valentino's world of bygone glamour. Filmed over the course of two years, the crew shot over 250 hours of footage with exclusive, unprecedented access to Valentino and his longtime partner, Giancarlo Giammetti. The resulting non-fiction film is a portrait of an extraordinary partnership - the longest running in fashion - and is a story about a master confronting the final act of his celebrated career.

B) The September Issue

The September 2007 issue of Vogue magazine weighed nearly five pounds, and was the single largest issue of a magazine ever published. With unprecedented access, The September Issue, directed and produced by R.J. Cutler, tells the story of legendary Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour and her larger-than-life team of editors creating the issue and ruling the world of fashion.

The September Issue won the Grand Jury Prize for Excellence in Cinematography at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

C) Coco

Long before she became known as the figure with a cigarette perched between her lips as she made adjustments to the garment draped over her sewing mannequin, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was an orphaned child with little in the way of social status. These facts are laid forth in typical French cinematic elegance in Anne Fontaine’s Coco Before Chanel.

7) Always have a “To Do List” – It really helps.
Have a list per day and check it as often as you need. The act of checking after you have accomplished a task is terribly fulfilling.

See Mine Below: It’s in a Pink Monologue notebook that I bought for around Php 400. Not bad considering I use it every day.

8) Give:Pick a cause and follow through.

Had an outreach for orphaned, street and special children during the BF’s Surprise Party and I can’t tell you how good it felt.

I chose the Virlanie Foundation because I think children are still the future don’t you think?
Hoping I can participate in more outreach this year.

We Are Virlanie.
Virlanie Foundation Inc is one of the largest, private, non-sectarian child-caring institutions in Metro Manila, Philippines.
Virlanie is a non-government organization (NGO) caring for children in need of special protection: abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, orphaned, poor. More than 100 Filipino staff and volunteers, supported by a network of donors and sponsors, helped and provided basic care to more than 1,200 street children in 2009.
Founded by French social worker, Dominique Lemay, Virlanie is a non-profit organization celebrating its 18th anniversary this year (2010). In the past 18 years, Virlanie has helped 12,000 children and has developed children to become young adults who are responsible and self-sufficient.

9) Pray: Be more active in the community, have a more fulfilling prayer life and have a closer relationship with God.
Recently bought myself a Bible and I’m very happy with it even if cost quite a lot more than I expected.
It’s Red, leather and very handy because of the size. I never really thought I would buy a Bible this expensive but it’s worth every penny!

In case you’re thinking of actually getting some comfort in the book, chose either Tyndale or Zondervan, they are costly but are considered the best in the market.

10) Money Matters: Open a Business

A) Thinking of opening a food chain sometime soon… the concept is still a secret.
B) Wait for the Big extension of Fashion Studio… its very unique, never been done here in the Philippines.

That’s it for this year. It’s not so much is it?
What's yours?


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