Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inspirations from the Runway: SS 2011

Summer will never be complete without vibrant colors! Bold and bright hues are definitely back to spruce up anyone’s wardrobe. Not to mention those crazy and graphic prints could add so much character too.  I believe Filipinos have a more focused attitude now, even on our sense of fashion. We all want to make sure we get our money’s worth and not to compromise the quality, comfort, and style. As the year 2011 enters, we should not play-it-safe or just-go-with-the flow, it is about making a stand and expressing ourselves more through fashion.

Spring/Summer 2011 collections present some trends that may lessen the bland but add more quality and exciting statement pieces in every woman’s closet.

Girl on the Prairie

Every Pinay is still a little girl at heart, and there’s no other perfect way to bring her out but with these garden inspired prints. They don't just come in flowers and leaves, other designs comes in butterflies, cherries, and even fruits! Whether it’s a day dress, cocktail or maxi gowns -- flowing and sheer materials are used. Again, these prints and light colored outfits could make you feel pretty and girly in an instant.

Man it Up!

Its not just the boyfriend’s shirt or pants now, you may also sport his blazer or cardigan! Well, for a more perfect fit you should opt to get one your own. Stella McCartney’s or Topshop will sure have one in your preferred size and color.

Stylish Comfort 

We have to admit there are days when we just want to get into our most comfortable jeans or sweats. Well, pants jumpsuits are the more stylish (!!!) solution to that dilemma. This trend is all over the SS2011 collections. The YSL jumpsuit in navy gives us a formal and elegant look while, Nina Ricci in bright blue seems to be the perfect lounge attire.

Less Is More

The collections are not dominantly in camel shade but we could still definitely rely on monochromatic ensembles for the coming year. It may be in your favorite bright color like how Prada and Cacharel imagined it. Designers also took into consideration those neutral shades and different prints to suit any woman's personality and would not fail to bring out that wow factor.

Lace is back

Or maybe this intricate pattern never left. Its feminine and the right sheer and cuts make the right kind of sexy too. I actually have always been a fan because of the classic feel to it. So, I hope more girls appreciate this since lace should always enhance one’s timeless beauty.

And for one of my favorite parts, the accessories!!

Let me start of by saying that turbans will not be the easiest look to love hence, pull off. Firstly, headpieces are not on the top of any Filipina’s accessories list. Second, I don’t even know where to find one and finally come up with a reason to wear it! Although I do hope to come across one and definitely try it out fingers crossed, I won’t look stupid on it.

A bright bag a week to keep the bad vibes away. Haha! But yes, to not overkill the monochromatic suits or to slowly usher in the sunny summer days, a bright colored bag or clutch will do the trick. 

Again, here I go with statement pieces…I believe everyone should invest on a statement necklace. How could anyone resist the pretty and/or edgy looks this accessory could bring? For those days that you feel uninspired or just don’t have the time to go through your entire closet (as usual), this will solve your wardrobe dilemma in an instant.

Round sunglasses might not suit most face shapes but it sure does give off this Beatles’ vibe that I’m sure everyone would love. Well, this is more of a recurring trend too. We have seen this from last year’s runways, which we will take as a good sign because it is here to stay! I feel like its always reliable if you are not in the mood for the oversized square cuts or your usual aviators. 

Did you have these trends in mind as the year started? I hope this gears you up for more stylish days!

Erika and Marga


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