Thursday, January 13, 2011

She's turning 25!

Hanah turns 25 next month! And I gently volunteered myself on finding inspirations for her birthday dress. For the past years its been tradition that she wears something red and safe (Well, don't get us wrong because the color actually looks good on her and its suppose to attract good vibes) but this year she's shying away from the usual. I was all for drapes and laces but when I consulted her, she said wants something sophisticated and chic but still fun. Just went through a few dresses from a couple years back Fall collections..grabbed a pen and tried my best to sketch a design for her.

BTW Erika IS the real designer here, I've been telling her to come up a with a new collection soon ; )

So, only half the battle is done. We still gotta scout the metro for the materials and bring it to our old trusty seamstress. Photos of the process and final outcome of the dress will be posted soon!

And yes, I hear your cry. We still have to find the perfect shoes!!! your suggestions are very much welcome!

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