Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy E-bay-ing!

I'm not sure about you guys but I always love a great steal.
Although I dont really have time to scout vintage stores for thrifted finds due to the location of my work, all I'm left to do is to look around on-line stores and E-bay for my vintage fix.

I used to be kinda iffy about second hand clothing- always being scared someone actually died in them, but I guess its a matter of perspective. Other people also try on the clothes we buy from stores, what makes vintage clothes so different?

In my mind, here are the


1) You have no look-alike
2) A LOT cheaper then brand new clothes
3) Provides the thrill of scoring a find
4) Challenges you to make something old look new


1) You're not sure what kind of hygiene the previous owner had (which is why i recommend you to dry-clean before wearing)
2) Can't look for another size (although you can always have your treasure altered)
3) It takes more patience to discover a great find (it takes a lot of talent and will power to find the diamond in the rough)

So, in one of my many "lounging" times in the office, here is what I have discovered. Let me know whether you LOVE or HATE it!

It's unique and it has no brand but I love the color and I see that it has so much potential! I'm thinking of cutting the sleeves a bit but still retaining its "puffiness" that adds to its character. It has an old world appeal to it that I have't been able to wear for a while now. Hoping it doesn't make me look old though!
Loving the detail and the even the print is something I don't mind wearing. I've actually been attracted to this shade of green recently and for PHP 450, it's a gem!
Eeek. I hope I win the bidding wars. Fingers crossed!

So, do you LOVE it or HATE it? Let me know!

Here is another find I've been eyeing on e-bay. Yes, the secret is out. I'm actually an E-bay junkie!

This one is in Black & White which is a combination I always wear and now avoid buying but couldn't pass on this steal for Php 399. Hoping it wold fit me well so I won't have to have it altered anymore -which could end up being quite pricey.
It's in Polyester material and I'm okay with that as long as it's not shiny. Ugh. Shiny for me is cheap and it makes you look fat- though that's just my opinion.

So those are the things I've been waiting on. The excitement of winning is too much. Beware it could be quite addicting!

Now trying to find:

1) Versace print blouse
2) Long maxi skirt
3) Nautical top

Let me know what your latest vintage finds are.



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